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Fast broadband internet service in Tri-Cities, WA

Tri-Cities Premier Broadband, Internet, WiFi, and Specialized Network Solutions company

xyTel is your internet service provider in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. We’re a small, local business you can trust with your internet needs.

Fast and friendly service, they provide great speeds where other companies in my area wouldn’t be able to. I’d recommend this company to anyone.

— Daniel Miranda

Excellent service at a great price! Customer service is second to none and problems get addressed quickly and efficiently, something that is hard to come by now days with most other providers. Plus I get to support a local business rather than a large corporation, so in my book there is really no way to lose.

— Grant Sandy

We use their service at our business and for several of our clients, wireless and fiber optic. We're extremely happy with their service. We recommend their service to our customers and would recommend it to others.

— Eldorio Mendoza


xyTel Internet gives you fast internet for the best in-home WiFi experience

Fast Speeds

xyTel Internet has the speed you need, for streaming, gaming, or web surfing

Reliable Service

We strive to offer the best reliability to keep your connection going for business, or work-from-home

Streaming Optimized

Compatible with 4k Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, or Disney+ Streaming services

Gaming Optimized

Our reliable service and great ping give you the edge in fast-paced gaming

Broadband Internet Packages

Multiple speeds to fit your connected family's needs

Basic - 10 Mbps

10Mbps service is great for web browsing with 1-2 users and standard-definition streaming

Advanced - 15 Mbps

15Mbps service is great for web browsing with 3-5 users and 1080p streaming

Performance - 25 Mbps

25Mbps service is great for small business or 4k streaming and work-from-home teleconferencing

Premium - 60 Mbps (Select Areas)

In select areas, 60Mbps service is great for the connected household with multiple 4k streams, teleconferencing, and gaming

Premium Plus - 100 Mbps (Select Areas)

In select areas, 100Mbps service is great for power users, able to support multiple 4k streams, fast downloads, and great business connectivity

Fiber - 1000+ Mbps (Select Areas)

In select areas, we offer fiber-optic speeds including Gigabit and 10-Gigabit service for the most demanding internet workloads

Get Started

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